Terms and Conditions

  1. 1.800MD provides a network of licensed physicians accessible via telephone, secure bi-directional video, and email. (Based on state guidelines).
  2. Coverage for Members, including covered dependents based on elected coverage type or as agreed to.
  3. Membership Cards with unique identification numbers for each member will be delivered by email and also available in the Member’s Portal.
  4. Types of Physician Consultations Offered and Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.
    1. BY PHONE: Members have access to a special Member-only toll-free number.
      1. Guaranteed within 1 hour. Requires receipt of a completed Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire to create a physician/patient relationship and for medication to be prescribed.
  5. ONLINE:
    1. Secure email informational consultation with a physician through our secure messaging system for medical questions only. Informational only. Not for treatment and prescribing of medications.
    2. Bi-Directional Video Conferencing: Secure video consultation with a physician through our secure bi-directional video conferencing system. Requires receipt of a completed Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire to create a physician/patient relationship and for medication to be prescribed. Also requires Member to have webcam capability. In certain instances, at the physicians’ determination, a video consultation may be required to effectively diagnose and treat certain medical conditions.
  6. Prescription Program – Only Members who have accurately and fully completed the Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire and established a physician/patient relationship are eligible to receive medications when appropriate. 1.800MD physicians do not prescribe narcotic pain medications, DEA controlled substances or lifestyle drugs.
  7. Member Services Toll-Free Support: Members have access to Member-only toll-free support, 24/7.
  8. Personal Health History and Disclosure (PDH) – Members will have the ability to store, update, maintain and transmit partial or entire medical records.
    1. Health Risk Assessment Tools- Empower Members to review lifestyle factors and health risks.
  9. Physician Response Times:
    1. Phone Consultation – Guaranteed within 1 hour.
    2. E-mail Consultation – Guaranteed within 3 hours
    3. Video Consultation– Guaranteed within 1-hour or by scheduled appointment. Available between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM local time.
    4. If response times are not met by physician, 1.800MD will waive the consultation fee if requested by the member.
    5. Coordinated appointment times as established between the Physician and the Member are not subject to the Response Time Guarantees.
  10. System Availability- Commercially reasonable efforts to make the Services available in full at all times.
  11. 1.800MD is responsible for collecting member consultation fees established by Client via credit card or debit card at the time of service.
  12. Optional Added Program Descriptions:
    1. Behavioral Health- Our tele-behavioral clinicians can provide assessment, diagnosis, consultation, and brief psychotherapy to address your behavioral health needs via live, interactive videoconferencing on your computer and other connected devices (e.g. smartphone).